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Go figure, another religious client who didn't pay. If you are interested in purchasing this domain name, please contact us. The name is great and does make a statement. It is a shame that 35% of our clients who do not pay are Christian organizations. I am a Christian and find it sad that so many people out there claim to be Christians, but when it comes down to it, they don't hold up their end of the bargain.

Great domain name for a non-profit organization - Hope 4 You Network.

If you are considering helping people purchase, lease, or get into housing, you might consider these two domain names:

If you deal in real estate, you will want to grab this great domain name. Actually we have the .COM and .ORG names. You can purchase one or both of them. If you buy both, you could use one to market homes and home buyer training via the .COM and then have your representatives use the .ORG to download sales sheets, and other training materials and resources you want your team to have.
If you sell tv services through direct tv, dish network, time warner cable, cox communcations, kingwood cable, comcast, or other network providers then this domain name is for you. The name says it all - GET TELEVISION. Heck, you can even sell televisions on this site and reap a nice commission for sales of sony, mitsubishi, yamaha, and other brands. Expand your sales horizon today by purchasing this domain name.

Do you have some cool amazing designs - car designs, graphics design and logos, web site designs, custom shirts, flyers, and more? Well, grab this domain name and showcase your great designs today!

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How would you like all of your movies, music, and photos to be streamed to your tv? That's right! We can convert your music, videos, and photos into a digital format that may be streamed to any television in your house!

No more getting up and changing DVDs or CDs out. Simply use a remote control to change the cd, playlist, song, or movie you are watching. Simply amazing!